Thursday, April 24, 2008

More pictures are coming.

Ok it's been awhile. Those folks that follow my other two blogs already suspect this; I suffer from high goal diffusion. I think the new fashion term is Adult ADD; never really cared to be lumped into a group or be in fashion.

Anyway I'm always painting at least three different projects and I like to have results before I post. I'm also a dad of two teenage girls; one is getting ready for college (sure glad I bought tons of minis while I had money), I have a lovely wife and a job that all demand and in some cases (the wife and girls anyway) actually deserve my time as well. So I post as and when I can.

I found a new Tekumel Blog that is so loaded with great information it isn't possible to absorb it all in one sitting. Clanless Barbarians of Pupol-Sua.

This will be a great one to bookmark and read often.

Additionally, I have almost finished painting the First Gurék of Tléku Miriyá at 1 to 100. As soon as I have finished I'll take photos and post them. After these guys I'll be painting the Legion of Sérqu, Sword of the Empire.


Kagesh said...

Well, it's been over a year since this post. Are there any updates on your painting of the Tekumel Figures?

Poruchik said...

Yeah, there are, RL gets in the way of photos n such though!

Now if I could just win the Lotto big and sit at home and paint, take photos n post to my blog.