Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Baron dispatches a force.

Remember: Click on a Pik for a larger version or leave a comment if so inclined. Now on to our story, to be told in parts.

Baron Ald had heard rumors; there was a ruined temple near the base of the Atkolel Heights. A story hinted that there might be a weapon hidden in this ruin. A weapon that had the power to scatter the troublesome forces of Tsolyani now seeking to besiege him on these very heights. It was possibly just a tale. The Baron knew, it needed to be verified.

The Baron summoned to him a young female officer of some promise from the Gurek of Tleku Miriya I. He instructed her to sneak off of the heights, being careful to avoid detection, and to find and investigate this temple. If a weapon was in fact there; to bring it back, if unable to bring it back, send a runner for stronger forces and safe guard it against capture. Finally, to destroy it if unable to prevent capture.

She knew her trade and sent scouts ahead of the main force. They were spread out to ensure early detection of any ambush or spy.

Behind her scouts she deployed her crossbows. If contact was made a first blow at range could buy precious time or perhaps decide the issue.

She led the heavy infantry of her Gurek.

These warriors would form up and advance thru the crossbows to send any Tsolyani in the way running. By maintaining direct command of the heavy infantry she could move and deploy them as required.
It seemed a sound plan; now on to find this temple and prove to the Baron he had made the right choice.

Monday, February 1, 2010

More Coming! I promise!

OK kids there is more coming; however, here is a teaser. This is non-canonical-sorry.

Near the Atkolel Heights there is rumor of a ruined temple with a weapon that could change the balance of power regionally. Both Baron Ald and General Kettukal learn this story at nearly the same time and dispatch troops to investigate.

General Kettukal dispatches forces from the Legion of Serqu, Sword of the Empire with orders to head towards the heights, find the temple and investigate it.

Baron Ald dispatches forces from the Gurek of Tleku Miriya I with orders to leave the heights, find the temple and investigate it.