Friday, December 7, 2007

Samples; At Last!

Here are a few sample figures I've painted from my Eureka EPT (Armies and Enemies of the Petal Throne) line of soldiers. The Yán Kór will do double duty as Yán Kór obviously for Tékumel battles and they will also be the soldiers of the Mighty Helgraumite Empire in my world. I think it's only fitting that the soldiers of Toslyánu (EPT) become the soldiers of Tralyptia as this is the mortal enemy of Helgrau.

So without further ado here are sample soldiers of Yán Kór /Helgrau and Toslyánu /Tralyptia.

In the words of the Bangles; "We'll start with the Tra-lyp-tions!"

To begin with I have painted a few figures of The Legion of Sérqu; Sword of the Empire and a few of The Legion of Ever-Present Glory.

I have used Prof. Barkers (the creator of the world of Tékumel) paint schemes as guides only. I have a few prejudices that I wasn't able to shake; first heavy infantry should have metal on them. So my heavies have at the least bronze colored scales or plate covering their upper torso.

The Legion of Sérqu, Sword of the Empire, the 14th Imperial Heavy Infantry

The First Legion of Ever-Present Glory, 1st Imperial Heavy Infantry

The Second Gurék of Tléku Miriyá

The First Gurék of Tléku Miriyá


I have labeled the photos with their appropriate Tékumel unit names. I haven’t decided on the names I’ll give these units in my world. I’ll post in the links of this blog a number of resources for quality fantasy and ancient’s period miniatures; as well as, resources for the world of Tékumel.

Click on the photos for a larger version, there is more to come and please feel free to leave comments.


El Grego said...

Very nice!

I like the shield for your Serqu troops. My Tsolyanu troops will be slightly different but I do like yours a lot - inspires me to not be so lazy and get them finished.


Poruchik said...

Thanks Greg, I also appreciate the link, I've returned the favor and I'll be watching for finished troops.

Glad I could help with the inspiration!


tradgardmastare said...

Welcome and good to have you with us.Ilook forward to reading more...

dave said...

Very nice. I like the painting style and am glad to see the Legions of Tekumel getting more exposure.

I look forward to more.

Mark A. Siefert said...

Well done! I'm I'm going to get some EPT figs in the very near future myself.

abdul666 said...

Hi 'Poruchik'!

These Tekumel minis are great indeed, and you do them full justice.

Are The Mighty Helgraumite Empire and Tralyptia part of the Ancient - Medieval web campaign launched somehow on the model of "E v E"? I read echoes (what a bizarre sentence!) on the OSW group.
I like to 'poach' minis from their initial destination: in my time we used Elves for Zamora, and for me, in my "All female" 'Amazons' army I had (still have somwhere) an unit of Tsolyani light javelingirls.

Now, what about Vulgaria??? Your black-clad infantry looked good, would be great to see more!

("Ach! Gross malheur! Disprsion, the temptation / fate (bane?) of so many wargamers!")

Good to see you posting, anyway.
Best regards,
Louys de Monte-Cristo

balloona said...

die truppen sehen echt geil aus
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